Photography has been a driving force in my life since early childhood. A photography trip to Peru during university taught me the power my camera has to glimpse into other cultures, and since then I have aimed my lens at sites, lifestyles and wildlife on four continents. But no matter the subject matter my focus on the unique formative details of each subject that sets my work apart.

Though I’ve ventured far into the worlds of both artistic and commercial photography, photojournalism remains my first and greatest love. Between pursuing my own documentary projects, I do freelance photojournalism work for various non-profit organizations including Project Twin Streams: Glen Eden, and Vision West, both of whom are working on wildlife habitat restoration projects in New Zealand.

I’ve also worked with both the San Francisco Chronicle and KQED News as a photojournalist doing daily news coverage and am currently working as a freelance photojournalist in California’s Bay Area.